Shopify custom tasks

  • A Shopify custom task is typically something that takes up to 1 hour to complete. 

    Some commonly requested custom tasks are:

    • Add & configure a simple app from the Shopify App Store
    • Crop product images to a consistent size (up to 30)
    • Crop and resize banner and slideshow images (up to 30)
    • Manually add product listings (up to 20)
    • Set up Shopify store Collections (up to 10)
    • Add or edit navigation menu
    • Add or edit Shopify theme fonts
    • Add, edit or configure store content including including text and images.
    • Edit Shopify theme appearance including spacing and alignment
    • Install social media buttons

    Each request for work will be broken down into single tasks of 1 hour each. Smaller requests may be bundled together into a single task.

    Active tasks will be completed one at a time - 2 business days turnaround per task.

    Task pricing:

    • 1 for $75
    • 3 for $65 each
    • 5 for $55 each
    • 10 for $45 each

    For more custom tasks or ongoing support you may prefer to purchase a monthly or quarterly support package from $249

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