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Shopify custom tasks

A Shopify custom task is typically something that takes up to 1 hour to complete. 

Some commonly requested custom tasks are:

  • Add & configure a simple app from the Shopify App Store
  • Crop product images to a consistent size (up to 30)
  • Crop and resize banner and slideshow images (up to 30)
  • Manually add product listings (up to 20)
  • Set up Shopify store Collections (up to 10)
  • Add or edit navigation menu
  • Add or edit Shopify theme fonts
  • Add, edit or configure store content including including text and images.
  • Edit Shopify theme appearance including spacing and alignment
  • Install social media buttons

Each request for work will be broken down into task bundles of 1 hour each. Smaller tasks will be grouped together into a single task bundle.

Task bundles will be completed one at a time, within 2 business days.

Task pricing:

  • 1 for $75
  • 3 for $65 each
  • 5 for $55 each
  • 10 for $45 each

For more custom tasks or ongoing support you may prefer to purchase a monthly or quarterly support package from $249


After receiving your order, CooeeCommerce will advise if the described tasks are achievable within the number of task units purchased. If not, CooeeCommerce will advise you of how much work is achievable within the number of tasks purchased, and will give you the option of buying more task units to complete your order, or refunding your order before any work has begun.

All critical communication related to Shopify custom tasks will be via email. Cooee Commerce will not be held responsible for any miscommunication resulting from instant messaging or voice calls.