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A Shopify Development Store is set up by a registered Shopify Partner for the purpose of developing a Shopify store, with an unlimited Shopify free trial. You will also have log-in access to the Development Store during the development stage. Upon completion, ownership of the Development Store will be handed over to you so you can activate a monthly Shopify plan. Development Stores have all the same features as regular Shopify Stores.

A Shopify Partner is a registered affiliate of Shopify and has the privilege of being able to set up a Shopify Development Store for their customers. Shopify Partners receive an affiliate fee from Shopify for any new customers who sign up for a Shopify plan. 

No, you don't need a Shopify account. I can set up a Shopify Development Store for you with an unlimited free trial, and you can start your Shopify plan later when your store is ready to launch.

Yes I can. If you'd like me to work on your 14-day free trial store, I will send you a request for log-in access from my Shopify Partner account. If you want an Unlimited Shopify Free Trial I will need to register a new Shopify Development Store for you using my Shopify Partner account.

Yes, your Etsy store will not be affected. 

The design of your store will be based on the images and colors used on your Etsy shop, unless otherwise instructed. I will also ask you to send me your Etsy banner, or logo, or any other reference files you may have that will help me set up the look and colors for your Shopify store.

I will choose a free Shopify theme that works well for your product range. If you have a specific theme you want me to use, please let me know at the same time you send me you Shopify CSV data file.

There is no limit to the number of products you can add to your Shopify store. 

Please note however, it is not possible to export price variations from your Etsy listings. The Etsy CSV data file only exports a single price for each product and its variants. If you have products with different prices for the different variants, you will need to edit these prices yourself later in Shopify.

Shopify has a limit of 100 variants per product. Any Etsy listings that exceed 100 variants will not be added to your Shopify store. I can process such listings for an additional fee, on request.


I will send you an email inviting you to join your Shopify store as a "staff member". You will need to set your own password for this, and you will be able to access the Shopify admin dashboard where you can set-up your store for business, change settings, try different templates, etc.

When you are ready to open your store, I will transfer the store to you as the owner, and you can activate a Shopify monthly plan.

Yes, if you wish to make further changes to the design of your store you can adjust the theme settings or change the theme yourself when you log-in to the Shopify admin dashboard. 

If you'd like me to help you with any changes to the initial design, you can place a custom design order with me and I can make any changes you wish.

You can keep a Shopify Development Store for as long as you like before joining Shopify, however you will need to activate a monthly plan with Shopify to open your store for business or to add a custom domain.

As a Shopify Partner I can offer you an unlimited free trial of Shopify. The free trial ends when you are ready to launch your store and I transfer ownership of the store to you.

The store transfer usually happens when:

• The work on the store is complete and the store is ready to sell products.
• The work on the store is not complete, but the store requires a live plan. A store must be on a live plan before the owner can: add a domain, install paid apps, launch the store.

When transferring to a live subscription plan, the store will require billing information, which must be provided by the store owner.

I don't work for Shopify, but I am a registered Shopify Partner which allows me to set up Shopify Development Stores for my customers, to help develop customers' stores, and to offer customers an unlimited trial period. In return, I receive a commission from Shopify for every new customer who signs up for a monthly plan.

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