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WHOLESALE Shopify store set-up

Add a password-protected wholesale store to your existing Shopify store. Allow your approved wholesale customers to order directly from your Shopify store at wholesale prices. Set a minimum order value.

We use an app called Locksmith to create the log-in access that will protect your wholesale store. Locksmith is a very secure, well-designed app with excellent customer support. It's also extremely flexible. It can lock down your whole site, or it can be used to lock down a specific collection within your store.

Please note, Locksmith is a paid app, starting from $9 USD/month for stores on the Basic Shopify plan, and has a 15-day free trial. 

Your new wholesale store will be ready for business in just 7-10 days. 

This service includes:

  • Duplicate all existing product listings with "(wholesale)" added to the product titles.
  • Apply wholesale pricing to wholesale product listings.
  • Install Locksmith app* for purpose of creating secure log-in to wholesale product listings.
  • Configure Locksmith access so only approved, logged-in wholesale customers can view wholesale product listings.
  • Instructions for adding approved wholesale customers to your store, and granting access to your wholesale product listings.
  • Add wholesale links to store navigation and homepage sections.
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions.
  • 14 days of tech support via email.

This service does NOT include:

Optional extras:

  • Add a wholesale customer application web page to your store, with embedded application form linked to a secure online spreadsheet, and automated email notifications: Add $59 USD
  • Add up to 50 additional wholesale-only product listings: Add $29 USD
  • Install & configure Connected Inventory app to sync your wholesale and retail product inventories via SKU: Add $29 USD.
    Connected Inventory is a paid app with a monthly fee of $8.99 USD

* PLEASE NOTE: Locksmith is a paid app, starting from $9 USD/month for stores on the Basic Shopify plan, and has a 15-day free trial. The Locksmith monthly subscription will be billed to your Shopify account, pending your approval.

Timing: 7-10 days

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions describing the data and files required to complete your order.