How to use Facebook ads to get your first Shopify sale: Free ecommerce video course

by Evan Burford 4 min read

Starting a business is the easy part: coming up with an idea, building an online store, and imagining all the things the business will become once it takes off.

But without marketing knowledge and experience, driving traffic and making sales can become the biggest barrier to success.

Luckily, help is at hand!

This free video course by Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer will show you how to make your first sale on Shopify.

The course has 20 short videos covering everything from brand differentiation, to Facebook pixel placement, to campaign optimization The course is designed to show you how easy it is to start and scale your business with Shopify.

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Intro - Welcome

Ezra Firestone introduces himself and his video series about how to get your first Shopify sale: How to build your product page offer properly. How to us Facebook ads to drive traffic to your store. Shopify store fundamentals.



Video 1 - What To Expect

Ezra's background and credentials in commerce and ecommerce. He explains the goal of this video course: To leverage paid advertising and conversion rate optimization best practices to get your first sale on Shopify.



Video 2 - Where We Are In the World Of Ecommerce

Ezra's describes his family history in commerce and how it relates to ecommerce today. How ecommerce has grown as a percentage of total retail sales, and still has massive potential for further growth. How Facebook and Instagram account for more time spent on mobile devices than the next 10 channels combined!



Video 3 - Faceless Ecommerce Is Dead

What's your brand story? The importance of branding, tagline, and ethos. Examples of best practices in ecommerce.



Video 4 - Infrastructure

Core store architecture: Home page, Store page, Blog pages, Product detail pages, More info pages, Cart page, Check out page, Thank-you page. Best practice ecommerce sales funnel.



Video 5 - Offer Pages

The most important page in your sales funnel: the Product offer/detail page. Traditional vs long form. Winning product page elements.



Video 6 - Third-party Apps

The must-have 3rd-party apps: Reviews widget, Exit-intent, Landing page builder. Cart abandonment, Post-purchase one-click upsells.

Apps mentioned by Ezra:



Video 7 - Shopping Cart Checkout

Optimizing your Shopping cart page for conversion: Multiple calls to action. The "isolation effect". Progress bar. Left navigation to relevant info. Shipping calculator. Winning Checkout page elements: Multiple payment options. Single page. Coupon field.



Video 8 - Facebook Pixel Intro

How Facebook Pixel works: Conversion tracking. Optimization. Remarketing. Lookalaike creation. 



Video 9 - Add Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store

Step-by-step instructions to add Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store.



Video 10 - Advertising Roadmap

Ezra's core principles of advertising: Go from wide to narrow. Everything hinges on targeting. Be clear about your goal: Lead generation. Full-price sales. Community/brand build. Repeat customers.



Video 11 - Facebook Placements

Facebook ads work! Facebook targeting. Facebook ad placements. Start with desktop and mobile ads for the best chance of getting that first sale. Edit placement: only visible on Facebook feeds.



Video 12 - Who & What

Who do we want to see our Facebook ads? Generalize your audience. Who is most likely to buy your stuff? Who are they? What are they interested in?



Video 13 - Saved Audiences

Audience insights. Ideas for people who might be interested to buy from you. Audience demographics: interests, locations, what they purchase. Build 5 different audiences of people who might buy from you. Creating saved audiences. Start with small, niche groups with high chance of conversion. How to find an audience of 50,000-200,000 people.



Video 14 - Video Best Practices

How to leverage video to generate sales. demonstrate how to use product, benefits of using product, the story of your product, social proof/lifestyle, overcome objections, call-to-action. Why videos are so important. People spend longer on your site if you have video, people are more likely to purchase. Kickstarter videos are great examples.



Video 15 - Video Ad Reviews

Examples of best practice product videos. The importance of maintaining active links from video ads.



Video 16 - Campaign Set Up (Part 1)

Setting up your first Facebook ad using the power editor: Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads. Defining your campaign objective. Why you should choose "add to cart" as your first conversion event. Choosing a saved audience. Modifying placements to only show on Facebook feeds. Setting a daily budget of $10-20.



Video 17 - Campaign Set Up (Part 2)

Setting up a single video ad. Adding captions to your video. Adding a URL link to your product offer page. Confirm pixel is tracking. End video with call to action and link. Creating duplicate ad sets with different saved audiences.



Video 18 - Optimizing Forward

Reviewing ad performance. Customizing "Performance and Clicks" column to set up custom Shopify sales dashboard. Assessing sales data, narrowing campaign focus to maximize ROI. Reviewing video ad performance and viewership statistics.



Video 19 - Beyond The First Sale

Consistency is the key to success. Keep practicing and learning, getting better at generating sales. Remarketing, Video viewer audiences, Dynamic product ads, Additional products. Resources and people to follow.



Video 20 - Outro



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