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Professional photography is one of the most important elements of a successful and appealing online store. Your product photos are the only way customers can experience your products online, so it's essential that these images reflect the quality and attention to detail that goes into your products, as well as your brand values.

Cooee Commerce has partnered with some top ecommerce photo studios to offer professional photographic services:

Product photos on white background:

  • $20 per image (min 10 images)

Product photos with minimal styling:

  • $300 for 15 final edited images (2-hour shoot)

Lifestyle photos with talent:

  • $600 for 20 final edited images (3-hour shoot)
  • Models: $500 each (3-hour shoot, includes basic wardrobe from the model)

Portrait photos at client’s location:

  • $300 for 15 final edited images (1-hour shoot)

All photo shoots include the following:

  • Fully coordinated photographic service
  • Preparation of a photographic brief based on your requirements
  • Confirmation of shoot within 48 hours of briefing
  • Unedited images uploaded to password protected web portal for your selection 24-48 hours after shoot
  • High quality, edited images ready for uploading to your store 24-48 hours after selection

All images include worldwide usage rights, in all media and in perpetuity.

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Product photos on white background

Product photos with minimal styling

Lifestyle photos with talent