Creative services

CooeeCommerce provides the following creative services on request:

  • Logo & banner design
  • Product photography
  • Photo editing & digital photo retouching
  • Video editing

Logo & banner design

Your store's logo or header banner is usually the first thing a customer sees when they visit your store. CooeeCommerce can design a store banner that projects a professional image for your business. Contact us now for an obligation-free cost estimate

Product photography

Professional photography is one of the most important elements to present your products and brand in an appealing way. Your photos are the only way website visitors can experience your product, so it's vital that these images reflect the quality and attention to detail that goes into your products, as well as your brand values.

There are 2 types of photographs you should consider taking for your products:

  • Beautifully-lit product photos on a white background that show as much detail as possible to help build trust in the quality of your products.
  • Lifestyle photos that show your product in use or in an appealing setting can literally bring your brand to life and add value in a way that words alone cannot.

We recommend:

  • Products on White Photography: Experts in photographing beautifully-lit products on a white background (as their name suggests!). Their prices typically range from $30-$40 per image, which is incredible value for the quality they deliver. They'll also do a test shot for FREE! 

We can also help you plan your photography shoot and find a suitable photographer within your budget. Contact us now for an obligation-free cost estimate

Photo editing & retouching

Our professional photo editing and digital photo retouching services will help you to select and present high-quality images to represent your brand. Contact us now for an obligation-free cost estimate

Video editing

Adding a video to your homepage or product pages is a very effective way to increase engagement in your store. In fact, website visitors are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. 

We can edit your video footage to a soundtrack or a professional voice-over to help increase your chances of making a sale. Contact us now for an obligation-free cost estimate

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