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Add an Instagram feed

Adding your Instagram images to your Shopify store is a great way to engage with your customers and create brand awareness. The images will link directly to your Instagram account, making it a great way to attract new followers. Whenever you post a picture to Instagram, it will automatically appear on the home page your Shopify store.

Choose from the Instafeed app, or the shoppable Snappt app.


  • Installation & configuration of the Instafeed app
  • Or, installation & configuration of the Snapppt app (requires a Snapppt account)


  • Log-in permission to your Shopify store admin to install app & code
  • An Instagram account
  • Your Instagram Access Token (for Instafeed app only)
  • Log-in access to your Snapppt account (for Snappt app only)

Timing: 1-2 business days